Fortune’s #1 Fastest Growing Company is: Not Apple, Not Google… How About RIM?

Fortune magazine reported the…

100 Fastest-Growing Companies

My guess is that most people would make two types of guesses. Some people would guess firms associated with familiar and popular brands. This is usually an incorrect guess for a list of this kind because the second type of guess is usually the correct one: Small nimble companies you don’t recognize after reading their names but ring a bell after learning about their products.

This list is a bit of an oddity from my way of thinking because a well-known relatively large company tops the list: Research in Motion (aka RIM) – makers of the BlackBerry smartphones. Searching for other well known tech firms, I see Apple at #39, Synaptics (touchpads) at #43, and Amazon at #52. Google is shows up at #68. And, Garmin at #84, is the last mobile tech related firm (that I recognize) in the list.

You can find Fortune’s interview with RIM’s co-CEOs at…

Smartphone wars – BlackBerry’s plan to win

RIM and Apple look like the clear leaders in the smartphone space. But, as Nokia, Palm, and Microsoft found out, that doesn’t mean they will be the leaders forever.
from Mediabistro, Todd Ogasawara

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