Friday Fab Five: Mixed Bag

What a crazy week here in Washington. We said goodbye to a courageous innovator on Wednesday night, Steve Jobs who at 56 lost his 8 year long battle with pancreatic cancer. The political debate continues to heat up, causing a rare display of anger on the Senate floor yesterday. And it appears that Sarah Palin, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee are all for sure out of the GOP primary nomination battle.

So here is your Fab Five!

Top Blog: Featured Blogger John Bordeaux gives us some tips on how to Avoid the Hook.

Top Forum: John Westra poses some questions surrounding Water Use. I really appreciate this introspection about water use, because I was a geography major in undergrad and took a whole course on sustainable water use.

Top Member: Nateria Dickey is a brand new member, who has been incredibly active. Nateria works for USDA, friend her – she is awesome.

Top Quote: Lida Verner posted in the Steve Jobs Memorial Forum a tweet she had seen that I find very profound: “There were three apples that changed the world: Adam & Eve’s, Isaac Newton’s and Steve Jobs’.”

Top Group: Our group this week is the Go GovLoop for New Members! We are currently working on some new getting started guides for newbies to get acclimated to the GovLoop community. So if you have any ideas – feel free to email me [email protected]

Those are my picks!

Have a great weekend!

Paul, GovLoop Fellow, Community Leader Coordinator

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