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Friday’s political law links

WILEY REIN NEWSLETTER. The November 2011 Wiley Rein Election Law Newsletter is online here.

TRIAL DATE FOR EDWARDS. Story here. “U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Eagles, sitting in Greensboro, N.C., scheduled jury selection to begin Jan. 30 and first evidence in the case to be presented Feb. 13, Politico reported Wednesday.”

HOUSE ETHICS MOVES ON MEEKS. Story here. “The U.S. House of Representatives Ethics Committee said it will not look into a nearly $60,000 home equity loan received in 2010 by Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica) after the Office of Congressional Ethics determined there was no reason to believe the congressman violated House rules.”

ABRAMOFF ON ABRAMOFF. Here. “I had many arrows in my lobbyist quiver to endear our firm to Congress: two fancy Washington restaurants that became virtual cafeterias for congressional staff, the best seats to every sporting event and concert in town, private planes at the ready to whisk members and staff to exotic locations, millions of dollars in campaign contributions ready for distribution. We had it all. But even with these corrupting gifts, nothing beat the revolving door.” Meanwhile, he’s also seeking his domain name from the Democrats, according to this report.


RIDE THE TIDE. E.politics notes the launch of VoterTide, a social media monitoring service for politics, here.

CORPORATE CLIENT CONNECTION. The Times looks at Newt Gingrich’s former client list here. “For a second day, Mr. Gingrich’s campaign was at the uncomfortable intersection of his high-earning consultancies and his public policy positions.” More here at The Post. Strategic advice or lobbying? More here.

MASS. FOIA ACTION. The DNC seeks to FOIA Romney’s Massachusett’s emails. Story here.

LIU’S CREDIBILITY. The Times. “If he is to survive this scandal, he needs to start by complying with the city’s disclosure laws. Even at this late date, he has not disclosed the names of so-called bundlers who collect groups of donations, as required by city law.”

WE DON’T NEED NO BADGES; WELL, YES YOU DO ACTUALLY. Story here. “The executive director of the Connecticut Working Families Organization agreed to pay a $10,000 fine to the Office of State Ethics for lobbying for Paid Sick Days legislation without wearing a badge identifying himself as a lobbyist.”


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