Furlough Beards!

So let’s try something. How about we grow beards during the furlough?

Are you game? Will you grow a furlough beard? What better way to show solidarity and identify ourselves as laid off feds?

Furloughed Feds unite! Grow those beards! Think of the money you’ll save on razors!!


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Stephen Peteritas

Ressler says he’s with us in spirit but ” my facial hair game is weak i can grow a weak a** goatee and thats it”

Benjamin Strong

Soul patches, mutton chops, unruly goatees. Do what you have to. Will your wife get mad? You bet she will! We need to stick together!

As for the ladies? You’re on your own. Not a line I wish to cross ๐Ÿ™‚

Sterling Whitehead


It’ll be gross, patchy and thick haired…I can’t wait.

I feel like Conan O’Briew like we’re showing solidarity with Conan O’Brien when he grew his beard during his version of a shutdown.

Avatar photo Bill Brantley

I appreciate the spirit but Andy is right in that it does leave out the women. We could wear a ribbon with a color or pattern yet to be determined.

Sterling Whitehead

For women wanting to participate but that can’t grow furlough beards, might I suggest an alternative: furlough legs.

Allen Sheaprd

Sorry, its getting warm – just shaved mine.

What will the women do? This will get me in trouble but its meant at satire.

They will break out into five groups.

1) Those that think its a bad idea and goes against traditional values

2) Those that belive they should have the right to and that right needs protective legislation

3) Those that embrace it as an alternative life style others should accept

4) Those that feel its one more way men keep women out of the game

5) Those that feel its the governments responsibility to ensure everyone has equal access to ones facial experssion.

Who wins? The media covering it all.

John Morris

Great (Coast Guard) minds think alike, Benjamin!

I polled my friends on Friday night for style suggestions – my personal choice pictured here – and in spite of an 11th hour deal will keep growing mine until Obama signs a final 2011 appropriation bill.

Since this budget battle is just a warm-up to the FY2012 hearing season, I may need to keep it going all year!