gCaptain reports: eLoran Sparks Debate In Washington-Is It Truly Important?

Coast Guard Loran Station Port Clarence, AK

Our friends at gCaptain are tackling the debate about the Office of Management and Budget’s recommendation to cut LORAN-C from the 2010 budget. You can read the entire post here. There are plenty of arguments for and against cutting the system. While the LORAN system may be redundant, at Amver we are aware of how emerging technology isn’t always better.

What do you think about the effort to cut the only backup system to GPS? Has your bridge GPS system failed?

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Interesting..There’s a fine line between redundancy and backup. And there’s a tendency to always add new technology and never take away the old….A tricky one.

Benjamin Strong

Thanks for the comment. Backup and redundancy can be tricky. When it comes to things like vessel navigation I think a certain amount of redundancy is necessary. We shall see how this plays out.