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The Arlington Rap, 80’s Hair, The Massive Hangover, and GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports from the Hokie Guru

Ah, yes… the dreaded lull between the end of the NBA playoffs and the beginning of college football?!? What is a sports fan to do?

Here’s something to pass the time!!

P.S. Lou, there is no “S” in Illinois… it’s silent, dude.

And.. then, do the Arlington Rap!!

And join the Hokie Guru in his preparations for his high school reunion… 30 days out from the event!!


Hangover, the #1 move in America, is worth the hype and gets 4.5 (maybe 5) stars from the Hokie Guru.

News and Notes from the World of Sports

What fun we’re having today 🙂 Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the sports world…

1.) Rickey Barnes and Lucas Glover (both Americans) are leading at the Men’s U.S. Open Golf Championships. You can see the leader board right here. The Hokie Guru doesn’t think Tiger Woods will catch’em this time. The real cool story about the U.S. Open was Drew Weaver, Virginia Tech graduate, and probably the best amateur in the tournament. He’s playing for free and for country. He wants to do well enough to ensure that the U.S.G.A. selects him for the Walker Cup, a tournament between amateur teams from the United States, Great Britain, and Ireland.

2.) Matt Hayes, of The Sporting News, recently rated the non-conference schedules of three conferences, including the Pac 10, SEC, Big 12, and the Big 10. According to Hayes, USC has the best schedule in the Pac 10 (Trojans take on Notre Dame and Ohio State, both on the road), Oklahoma has the most challenging schedule in the Big 12 (BYU at neutral site, Tulsa at home, and Miami, FL on the road), Georgia has the most difficult schedule in the SEC (at Oklahoma State, Arizona State at home, and Georgia Tech, the rival, on the road), and Illinois lead this pack in the Big 10 (Missouri at St. Louis, at Cincinnati, and Fresno State at home)

3.) Kevin O’Neill was hired as USC’s Head Basketball Coach (a great hire).

4.) A big win by the United States soccer team 3-0 over Egypt… and the Americans needed to win by three goals and have Brazil beat Italy by three goals… this is exactly what happened!! The United States is now in the Confederation Cup Semifinals… against Darth Vader… I mean Spain, sorry.

USA!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!!

Have a great week!!

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