Generational Communications. Barriers? Opportunities

Question of the day. How do you marketing to such widely disbursed generations?

All of whom use different sorts of media and different channels?

How do you keep up to deliver results?

Do you find that this issue is a barrier to your outreach, education, media success results or an opportunity?

Read more about generations here:

Thoughts? Comments?

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Rita Rich

Integrated marketing…..I’ll give you some time to digest it.
It’s what radio stations have jumped on. It’s why many stations let go of staff–in order to afford website upgrades, mobile phone application development and social network upkeep.

Now, some of you might know that I’m a radio lady. That is, being on the air, and a mid-manager off the air, was my first career in radio. Then I immersed myself in public affairs, marketing and other forms of business communications. But, somehow, I still find my way back to radio-land. Why? Well, it seems like a logical loop for me And, it was the first to embrace integrated marketing–promotions and self-promotions and cross-promotions, on multiple platforms.

Radio realizes that it is still the go-to medium in times of trouble, or when people need to just simply turn on and get the latest news. Don’t feel like waiting for the NOAA weather radio loop to come around to your latest forecast, or the latest storm watch or warning? Some stations have built their reputations by repeatedly telling you what time you can expect this information. Stuck at your desk–tap in the URL of your favorite all news station or news/talk formatted station and you’ll find that information pop up very quickly. And, I’m not just saying it:

A recent study on media usage reveals that among “active radio listeners,” 32% use Internet radio services on a weekly basis, and listen for nearly 6 hours a week on average . L.E.K Consulting

13% of all audio consumption done during work hours is via streaming on a computer. That includes MP3’s, CD’s, iPods, Tapes, Satellite and the AM & FM dial. When you factor in only AM & FM and a small portion of Satellite radio is ad supported….that # jumps up to close to 20% of all audio consumption is done via the computer. STREAMING IS THE NEW DAYPART! Nielsen/Council for Research Excellence

And, this past week, Edison research pointed out that one particular on-line media company, Pandora, is being logged into by 1 out of every 5, 12–24 year olds that they polled this past month. (approximately 1,533 people were polled.)

This also explains why NPR is putting a huge amount of its financial assets into it’s online assets. It wants to be there for those 12-24 year olds as they mature. And, it wants to be there for the current workplace listener that is increasingly tuning in online at the workplace.

Because radio caters to so many formats, genres, ethnic groups and other words that describe market places, a budget that includes valuable-and still at a bargain price-online radio, in marketing and grassroots campaigns of any kind.