Ginny Redish Web Writing Presentation (Pittsburgh, PA)

Purposes, Personas, Conversations –
Practical Techniques for Everything You Create

April 15, 2013 – 7:00 PM – Pittsburgh, PA

One of the most important contributions of technical writing has been the realization that everything we write is part of a conversation between author and reader. And as we have all moved from paper to screen, from large screen to small, from static writing to dynamic exchanges, conversation has become even more important as the way to think about writing (and all product design).

Come spend an interactive evening with Ginny Redish, working through real examples to see the power of the conversation model. You’ll see how to make sure that your purposes are measurable, specific, and focused on your readers / users / site visitors. You’ll see the value of always having those people with you (even as “mini-personas”).

And you’ll see how walking those personas through their conversations helps you get the right interaction, the right design, the right copy to both satisfy their needs and achieve your goals. You’ll come away with new tools for everything you create – from emails to blogs to web content – even to hardware and apps.

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