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Dave Farley

I like the suggestion of passing out non-candy items for treats. With juvenile diabetes and childhood obesity on the rise, it would be nice to see less candy tossed around at Halloween. (Although, I sure have fond memories of finding the rare full-size Three Musketeers Bar in the pile o’ candy.)


And as a parent, I hate having to dole out “responsible” amounts of candy to my own children! (Don’t tell, but I skim out a ton of their loot to supply my candy dish at the office!). But, I sure don’t want to be the dorky adults on the street who give out only pencils….so I try to find a balance. This year I’m taking it to new geek levels though — I’ll be handing out pocket Constitutions as well!

C Porche

My costume for my child was sort of free cycle. My community has a list serve and one parent indicated that they had one to give. Thomas the train. Actually there waere a range of costumes for different folks offered by different folks. Some ask to borrow, some offered to sell but at least it diminishes the additional purchases. Some seed packets are now in pressed into material where you just plant the material in the ground with water. For example, this material could be in a shape like a star.


Great suggestion! My daughter is always hounding me to buy some of that stuff, whenever she sees the commercials.

I’m glad you mention Freecyling. I need to work that into one of my newsletters and/or blogs — many communities have freecycle groups and they’re great! Anyone interested can go to http://www.freecycle.org and see if there’s a group in your area!

My 7 year old daughter is actually recycling one of her costumes from 4 years ago! I can’t believe it still fits (it was a long witch dress; now it’s a short witch dress — she’s lean so it still fits around!). Plus, my younger daughter wore it last year. Talk about getting my money’s worth!