Government 2.0 Best Practices Wiki is finally up!

Please use this wiki as a central hub for government social media usage examples. Feel free to add/modify items to your heart’s content! URL is:

I have broken it down into three sections: Canadian Government, U.S. Government & Other (International).

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Christopher Parente

Mike — thanks for creating this resource. I’ve a client who helps agencies of all sizes communicate better with citizens. A lot of it is email related, now moving into 2.0 tools. I’ll direct their customers to this wiki.

Adrian Hall

Hey Mike. This is great. Australian Governments (Federal, State & Local) are embracing Web 2, etc slowly but it is great to see what other Govt’s out there are doing.

Mike Kujawski

I’d love to however how would that sort the people that put multiple items? I want to try and keep it simple, however at the same time I realize the need to eventually clean this up…If you feel that you have a user-friendly solution, by all means you are welcome to make the change.