Going into the Sweet 16… the Hokie Guru… Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports…

… and yes, the Hokie Guru’s bracket is screwed up… but who cares?

Last weekend was incredible…

Meet Ben Jacobson.

He engineered probably the most improbable upset in the NCAA tournament since the University of Alabama at Birmingham defeated Kentucky in 2004… and more recently, in 2006, when George Mason defeated the University of Connecticutt (who lost to the Hokie Guru’s favorite team, the Virginia Tech Hokies). Jacobson’s University of Northern Iowa Panthers defeated Kansas, the top overall seed, in a special win in the 2nd round of the 2010 NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

As the Hokie Guru told you, he graduated with Ben Jacobson in 1989 from Mayville-Portland High School in Mayville, ND. Here’s a shot of the 36 student class (Jacobson in the gray hoody.. the Hokie Guru in the white sweatwhirt all the way to the left… standing up):

And Mr. Jacobson is now a wealthy man.

Funny what a win over Kansas can do for you lol.

Let’s hope he can win the national title.

We had a ton of upsets over the weekend… the Hokie Guru called both of the Cornell and the Xavier entries into the Sweet 16… you can see the Govloop bracket competition right here, Dave’s Mess is #1… ClaudSquad is #67.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have real opportunities to see a Cinderella this year… the Hokie Guru is a homer lol… he’s pulling for Northern Iowa 🙂

That’s all 🙂

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