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The “Iowa Compromise”: Reaching Agreement on the Medicaid Expansion for Iowans

BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE July 26, 2013 by Ron Manderscheid Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on twitter Share on google More Sharing Services Iowa will do the Medicaid Expansion, but in a more elegant way. Amazing! Truly amazing! Every so often, we observe an exceptionally fine, noteworthy example of the art of political compromise. MuchRead… Read more »

Newt Gingrich Leads in Iowa – Will He Stay There?

In case you missed it, on Monday we talked about Newt Gingrich as a student of leadership styles. The new Washington Post-ABC News poll declared Gingrich as the leader in Iowa. Will Newt be able to create wholesale change while still catering to the people’s desire for approaches less rooted in partisan rhetoric? Full resultsRead… Read more »

Week 5 College Football Viewer’s Guide – from the Hokie Guru, Your Bureaucrat on Sports (only on GovLoop)

Happy Friday!! And yes, the federal government is still open… we’re on a continuing resolution. Be ready for an epic blog post. Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Bowls Meet Al Capone? Most of us feel bad for the little guy, Boise State. Fact is, they are one of the best teams in the country and deserveRead… Read more »

Going into the Sweet 16… the Hokie Guru… Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports…

… and yes, the Hokie Guru’s bracket is screwed up… but who cares? Last weekend was incredible… Meet Ben Jacobson. He engineered probably the most improbable upset in the NCAA tournament since the University of Alabama at Birmingham defeated Kentucky in 2004… and more recently, in 2006, when George Mason defeated the University of ConnecticuttRead… Read more »

NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament – Round 1 is done…

… and you can only home to contain Ali Farokhmanesh!!! Here’s the vid of his game winning shot. And for your victory, Northern Iowa, you take on Kansas smh (definition #1). Full disclosure: Northern Iowa’s head coach, Ben Jacobson, is from my home town of Mayville, ND and we went to high school together. SoRead… Read more »

The Enigma of an Upset – Siena College

Let’s get right to it… we love upsets… that’s why we watch March Madness… everyone loves to pull for the little guy… it’s why the Hokie Guru loves the Men’s NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament more than the Bowl Championship Series… seriously?!?!? Could tiny little Siena College, a college with 3000 stuents, even play inRead… Read more »

Happy Columbus Day – Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – College Football National Championship Picture and Selected Week 6 Picks

Happy Columbus Day!! Yikes, the Hokie Guru’s been busy over the last couple of weeks… he just got admitted to the Georgetown University Executive Master of Policy Management Program… it’s a program that is specifically set up for federal government inspector general employees. If you don’t know, the federal government inspector general is essentially theRead… Read more »

The Hokie Guru (Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports)… The Big Ten (Um, 11?) College Football Preview!!

Happy Sunday!!! Your History Lesson There’s been a few times in civil service history when the United States Government hired several government workers. 1978 was one of those years. That’s also when one of the largest civil service reforms, Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, was passed. The Act also established the Senior Executive ServiceRead… Read more »