Good Leader vs. Bad Manager

Managers need to stop “EGO tripping” and admit when they do not understand the job. It’s their job to make clear and concise decisions once they have heard the facts from their employees. A good leader embraces the strengths of their employees and they empower them to make daily project decisions. There has to be a trust factor between the manager and the employees. Managers need to have good listening skills, good organization skills, great prioritization skills and they must embrace transparency.

Some managers spend so much time acting and they never read the script.- Kanika Tolver

As a project manager over several complex information technology projects, I keep it real upfront and I don’t try to be an actress. I focus on being a good leader versus being a good manager. Their are a lot of bad managers and not too many good leaders within the Federal government and the private sector. Pretending is a lot harder than being real with your employees.

Being a good leader is better than being a poor manager. – Kanika Tolver

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