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When I created the Gov Meetings Go Virtual online course in 2012 I had two main objectives. The first was to create an easy-to-understand curriculum that could raise everyone’s understanding of virtual events. The second was to create the first-ever learning community focused on virtual events, and hub for learning, networking and best practice sharing. I am thrilled with the results as we head towards our Winter 2013-14 semester, 6 weeks starting January 30. Over 100 certified Government Virtual Event Producers now have the tools they need to help their agencies plan and implement webinars, hybrid meetings and virtual conferences. And we have created the largest learning community focused on virtual events in the world.

In just six weeks I will have you trained, certified, and ready to implement your first virtual meetings. This course provides you with 6 hours of training plus over 20 editable planning documents we call Recipes… covering everything from webinar design criteria to hybrid conference chat facilitator scripts! Plus CAE and CMP credits, innovative Peer Connect telephone breakout discussions, and a dedicated, private, secure learning community to share with your peers.

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Here’s how course attendees rate Gov Meetings Gov Virtual:

  • The course met my learning objectives: 88% agree.
  • The course site was easy to use: 93%
  • The instructor was knowledgeable on the topic: 100%
  • The instructor was engaging in his/her presentations: 93%
  • I will recommend this course to my colleagues: 89%

Here are 10 unedited comments about what makes Gov Meetings Go Virtual valuable to participants:

  • “The resources that were provided. I liked how the materials were provided in advance of the class session. I was able to print out the material and take notes as we went over the materials.”
  • “It was so easy to use and contained information that was relevant for government employees.”
  • “The fact that sessions were recorded was very convenient. Although I hoped to attend sessions live, I was never able to.”
  • “Getting some information about how to begin moving toward virtual events – we’re already being required to do this and some of the tools will be very useful. Also, I liked the iCohere venue…and learning how to do small group breakouts was useful.”
  • “The content was very helpful, especially the Recipe Documents. Definitely a great ‘take-away’ and something we can actually use and apply. Thank you!”
  • “Great format, easy to fit in with my very busy weekly schedule.”
  • “This is the future of meetings; it was good to gain a clear understanding of how we can reach more people and reduce the overall expense per person.”
  • “The comparison of budget items for hybrid and virtual meetings was extremely useful!”
  • “The material was jam packed but the best thing about the course was an excellent and engaging instructor that made the material interesting.”
  • “Distinguishing the nuances between the different types of online courses (webinar, hybrid, etc.); budgeting; roles and responsibilities during the production process.”

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Lance A. Simon, CGMP, GVEP
Course Creator & Instructor
iCohere, Inc.
(202) 870-6146

P.S. Need a justification letter? Here it is.

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