GovBytes: Californians May Soon Present Insurance via Mobile when Pulled Over

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto, while looking for ways to ease the hassles of life on Californians, has authored a bill allowing for proof of insurance and auto registration to be presented via mobile device when pulled over. If signed into law the bill would make life easier because many young Californians, according to Gatto, pay for insurance on a monthly basis; that means a renewed proof of insurance every month. Instead of needing the physical documents handy, Californians could just pull up a picture of the document or an electronic document provided by their insurer on their phone. About whether or not there will be opposition to the bill, Gatto said:

“I don’t anticipate there being a justifiable pushback … This is not a bill where we’re trying to make anybody’s life difficult. Our goal with this is to make people’s lives easier.”

California Bill Would Allow Cellphones for Proof of Insurance

The bill also includes civil liberties safeguards, such as assuring that officers are not granted access to the entire contents of the phone, only the ability to view the document on the phone, if provided.

Is the government quick enough at keeping laws updated with technology?

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