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Improving Police-Community Relations Before It’s Too Late

Civil unrest in places like Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore has local government leaders across the country concerned about police-community relations in their own cities and towns. While it’s true that larger cities with greater diversity – whether economic, ethnic, racial or religious – are more at risk, government leaders in cities of all sizes canRead… Read more »

Law and Order: Big Data Edition

Any fan of crime drama TV shows can tell you that serial murderers tend to have specific modus operandi’s (MO’s, as the detectives refer to them) – meaning they operate systematically, within a pattern. How better to look at patterns and cycles than with data? In fighting crime, using data analytics to examine information onRead… Read more »

7 Benefits of Using Analytics to Fight Crime

In a recent report by IBM, High Performance Law Enforcement, industry experts David Edwards, global public safety solution sales manager and Dr. Mary Keeling, manager, economic analysis, global smarter cities program at IBM, discussed the benefits of deploying an analytics program to combat crime. The report notes the significant changes law enforcement has gone throughRead… Read more »

It’s Time for Police Departments to Start Measuring the Customer Experience

In response to recent tragedies, many commentators have suggested requiring every police officer to wear a video camera and microphone at all times. Some activists even suggest that these videos be publicly live-streamed for maximum accountability. That’s not necessarily a bad idea, despite some technical, budgetary, and legal hurdles. Other commentators have pointed out thatRead… Read more »