GovBytes: Can You Guess What Google’s Most Searched Halloween Costume Was?

If you guessed “angry birds” (based off of the hit mobile video game), then you are correct! An article in GovTech outlines the runner-ups as well:

1. Angry Birds

2. Black Swan

3. Playboy Bunny

4. Nicki Minaj

5. Smurfette

6. Wilfred

7. Monster High

8. Tron

9. Captain America

10. Pan Am

11. Charlie Sheen

12. Rapunzel

What is your Halloween costume this year?

P.S. Happy Halloween!

What is Google’s most-searched Halloween costume this year?


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Carol Davison

Saint Francis of Assisi. We need more peace in the world. NOBODY GOT IT! even with the stigmata, a halo and birds pinned to my chest and shoulders.