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6 Halloween Costumes to Celebrate Women in Gov

Still don’t have a Halloween costume? That’s ok! We’ve come up with six costume ideas that you can probably pull from your own closet. The best part? Each of these costumes celebrates an accomplished woman in government. Pick your favorite and show your support for ladies in the public sector! Madeleine Albright If you happen toRead… Read more »

Happy Halloween

Halloween is a great time to be creepily creative at CFC! The USAID took an ingenious approach to their CFC Kickoff carving these cool pumpkins that will be auctioned later. We loved the way US Treasury Loaned Executive Andy Zuckerman lit up the festive mood in the CFC office with his happy Halloween Costume. HaveRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Can You Guess What Google’s Most Searched Halloween Costume Was?

If you guessed “angry birds” (based off of the hit mobile video game), then you are correct! An article in GovTech outlines the runner-ups as well: 1. Angry Birds 2. Black Swan 3. Playboy Bunny 4. Nicki Minaj 5. Smurfette 6. Wilfred 7. Monster High 8. Tron 9. Captain America 10. Pan Am 11. CharlieRead… Read more »

Halloween Horror Stories – Happy Halloween

Check out my Halloween video on Proposal Horror Stories: I am sure you can relate to these, and have lived more of your own proposal nightmares… If you have more chilling stories, please share them with me. Also, don’t forget to check out our training workshops coming up a little over a week: “TheRead… Read more »

What’s Everyone Doing for Halloween?

This weekend everyone will probably celebrating Halloween or Fall Festivals with family and friends. There may be house parties, block parties, candy being handed out at the malls or hospitals, haunted houses, hayrides, dances, costume contests or some people go to amusement parks for their Halloween bashes! So how do you plan to celebrate thisRead… Read more »