Government 2.0…it can be a reality

Great article by Stephen CollinsGovernment 2.0…it can be a reality

Really highlights the need for change to come from each and every public servant and that to take the lead as a sector that everyone needs to exercise leadership. Not wait for it, not be bound up by red tape and push back against those who actively block reform.

Steve D

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Henry Brown

On some days I am NOT sure the the different parts of the public sector here in the US have quite caught up yet to Australian mind set re gov 2.0 but of course we are 1 or 2 years behind in the process…

From Mr. Collins article

“In spite of all the apparent will for change in the public sector on the part of the government, with the intent of bringing into existence a brave new world of open, accountable, communicative Government 2.0, there remains an issue.

The will and capacity for change within the public sector itself.

The government’s reform agenda requires a profound tectonic shift of both technology and culture in parts of the public sector. “