A shout out to Gov2.0 Radio

This week’s Tuesdays with Moore will skip the video format and go straight back to the old-fashioned written word. Let me know which you prefer as I am open to either one.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Gov2.0 effort are the passionate people who are always open to share their stories, both the successes and the failures, in order to help those that follow to constantly improve. On most Sunday nights I take a break from my weekend to catch the Gov2.0Radio program to hear the always impressive guests that Adriel, Steve, and Steve, are able to bring on board.

This week’s guest, Carol Spencer, treasurer of the National Association of Government
Webmasters, was exceptional.

Keep up the great work and continue to educate. The difference between success and failure with government 2.0 will in large part depend upon the education available at all levels of government. Keep doing a great job in providing this information, it is appreciated.


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Andrew Krzmarzick

Hey John – I’ve been trying to get Carol more in the spotlight here on GovLoop and beyond…she’s an exceptional person. Look for her to be a Featured Blogger soon! 😉

What stood out to you from Carol’s comments?