Government Proposals- 5 Tips That Can Assist You With Your Writing Skills

A government proposal is a short story about you and your company. You would think writing a story about yourself is a piece of cake, but if you want to be presented in an affirmative manner writing that short story can take time and alot of thought. Before you begin writing a proposal you should make a firm decision on if your company is able to provide the supplies or service required. There are so many training courses, self help books, PTAC’s, and consultants that can assist you properly and its best that you do your due diligence and research to find what avenue you are going to take. If you decide to go at it on your own here are a few tips that can get you started on your path:

  • Create a timeline from the beginning of the project to the end providing actual and expected dates.
  • Create an internal checklist outlining detail for each section of the proposal requiring response.
  • Focus only on key areas of what your company can offer the government that will fulfill the requirement at a reasonable cost within the required timeframe. Consistent rambling of the awards you have achieved and all of the officials that you know is not needed. Be consistent and get straight to the point
  • If it is within your budget have a professional who understands the government contract process review your proposal for accuracy and completeness.
  • Format your proposal in accordance to the instructions provided by the agency, no additional intricacies are needed.

You should also remember to read the solicitation instructions carefully to ensure that your responses are cohesive to the agencies needs. Once you have submitted your proposal find out your point of contact for status updates, and complete and attach any forms or documents the agency is requiring.

This post was written by Ilene Giles of Procurement Source Solutions. Ilene assist vendors who struggle with GSA proposals and it’s processes. If you or someone you may know are struggling with GSA proposals contact Ilene at 800-267-7640 for a free consultation or visit her website at

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