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Welcome Aboard! Now What? – A Three-Step Process for Quickly Getting Your Team Up to Speed

By Mike Bajit, PMP After the excitement of a newly awarded contract, comes the implementation of the winning proposal. Part of that is building the team to execute the plan and satisfy the contract requirements. But what if the whole team isn’t available on Day One, or the team is new to the sector? ARead… Read more »

DISA to Revise Commercial Cloud Acquisition Plan

The Defense Information Agency is re-evaluating its options for a planned $450 million commercial cloud computing contract, including a lower ceiling for a new contract. DISA could also cancel the entire plan and use existing contracts the agency believes can meet the scope of demand, the agency said in a Friday FedBizOpps notice. DISA citedRead… Read more »

Government Bids : Finding Successful Federal Bidding Opportunities

The country is coming into a restoration stage and it has been expected that the next few years could possibly to experience significant amounts of govt investing and stimulation agreements. This is great information for companies across the country. Major sectors such as security, development the surroundings and technological innovation are quite possibly the mostRead… Read more »

Tips on How to Win the Government Proposals

To start with, firstly make sure your proposal seems to be and sounds professional. Next, let others represent you. make certain to incorporate verifiable reviews, referrals, descriptions of comparable comes that you just have antecedently completed, awards, skilled certifications and memberships, etc. – in different words, incorporate everything that shows that others believe you areRead… Read more »

Tips on Bidding for State and Local Government Contracts!

State Government Bids and RFPs are very tough to find. Contrary to the government bodies, that performs most investing in via GSA schedules, state and local bids can be found in an exceedingly nice range of sources throughout the net — on government websites, structure pages, third party contracted web-sites, and newspaper postings. What toRead… Read more »

Rules of Interfacing with Government Personnel that You Don’t Want to Break at Any Cost

Marketing to the government is very different than marketing to commercial customers. With most commercial customers, you can wine, dine, and entertain them. Not so with the government. If you do, there are two outcomes: government personnel will either start avoiding you outright because they will know that you don’t know how to work withRead… Read more »

How to recognize IDIQs and Task Order patterns and use them to your advantage

IDIQs are now one of the most used form of government procurement, and if your company is not on any of those vehicles you might be missing a significant increase in your revenue. One major difficulty with IDIQ contracts is that even if you got on the “bus” (an IDIQ vehicle) you’ll still need toRead… Read more »