The Federal Coach: Gary Locke on Reforming a System: Talking Leadership with the Secretary of Commerce

Gary Locke is the 36th U.S. Secretary of Commerce. He previously was a two-term governor of Washington and is the first Chinese-American in history to serve as governor. Secretary Locke is the presidential nominee to become the next U.S. ambassador to China.

What leadership lessons did you learn as governor and how are you applying them as Secretary of Commerce?

We really have to recognize that politicals come and go, but civil servants are the ones that will always outlast us. Whether at the Commerce Department or elsewhere, the top leadership can help sketch out the framework and the objectives, but the details have to be done by the line staff and the people who carry out these duties on a day-to-day basis. By having them involved, it offers greater ownership and buy-in, which will help ensure the success of whatever project you’re working on.

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