Govloop GovBowlMania College Bowl Pick’em Status Update!! Extra Awesomeness today!!

Good Afternoon, Govloopers!! Going with the green and red text due to the holiday season, eh? WOO!!

Greetings from snowy North Dakota!! This is where the Hokie Guru, your government bureaucrat on sports, spends the holiday season. A true white Christmas in Mayville, Fargo, and Wahpeton, ND. Road Trip!!!!

News and Notes:

By now, the Hokie Guru know hundreds (maybe even thousands) of Govloopers have talked/tweeted/blogged/forumed/whatever about the Obama Administration’s decision to end the Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP). The Guru’s take on this (yes, talking in the third person again, hello Jimmy) is that it’s an ill-advised decision to end the FCIP program. The Hokie Guru feels bad for managers and team leaders in the federal government because the FCIP brought in really good talent. Let’s just be politically correct and say that the President will learn how to work with a very lean federal service because: 1.) It will be harder to hire good talent in the federal government and 2.) the hiring process will take longer. And that’s the Guru’s two cents (who knows quite a bit after almost 16 years in the federal government).

Govloop Bowl Pick’em

Well, our first annual Govloop College Bowl Pick’em is off to a great start… at 108 participants, it’s one of the largest Bowl Pick’em challenges on Yahoo. The Hokie Guru thanks all participants. Makes for a fun time during the holiday season. Remember, the top three participants will receive a Govloop Rockstars t-shirt (and the winner of the challenge will get a Starbucks Gift Card). For more information, please see Govloop’s post right here. You can see the standings right here. Right now, @MartinRickman, @PhilRowen, and @JRocSteady are 1, 2, and 3 in the standings. The Hokie Guru previewed a six-pack of games… he’ll pick the winners later in the week. Still surprised that we are only about 1/3 of the way through the bowl season (the Hokie Guru loves college football… semi-let down when its over haha).

Happy Holidays!!

Make sure you donate to the Combined Federal Campaign. It’s a great cause. Have a great week!!

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