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A Pathway to Pathways

With the results for the 2011 PMF program being released any day now, I thought this would be a good opportunity to start this discussion… When I attended the “PMF and Pathways Programs: Reinventing the Old and Implementing the New” discussion at NAPA’s headquarters a few weeks ago, this is how they introduced the session:Read… Read more »

PMF and Pathways Programs: Reinventing the Old and Implementing the New- LIVE NOTES!

Sitting here at NAPA headquarters in the same room as OPM Director John Berry and many other influential people in government as well as education. Stay tuned for notes in an ongoing basis: Panel Discussion 1- Holding the Pathways Programs Accountable for the Future Leadership and Human Capital Needs of the Federal Gov “Pathways toRead… Read more »

What Would We Do Without Interns?

I don’t know about you, but GovLoop really appreciates our interns. We try to give them meaningful (vs. menial) projects that enable them to learn something, expand their networks and advance their careers while they’re with us. We even call them Fellows vs. interns as it seems more distinguished…like the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program.Read… Read more »

Govloop GovBowlMania College Bowl Pick’em Status Update!! Extra Awesomeness today!!

Good Afternoon, Govloopers!! Going with the green and red text due to the holiday season, eh? WOO!! Greetings from snowy North Dakota!! This is where the Hokie Guru, your government bureaucrat on sports, spends the holiday season. A true white Christmas in Mayville, Fargo, and Wahpeton, ND. Road Trip!!!! News and Notes: By now, theRead… Read more »

The end of FCIP, and the start of something new?

As others have mentioned here on govloop, the Federal Career Intern Program was recently ruled illegal by the Merit Systems Protection Board. While it’s true that FCIPs are unfortunately not fully advertised in many cases–and get sent to me by referrals and advertised at job fairs–they were one of the best ways for my studentsRead… Read more »