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What Does Performance Management Look Like in India?

Sometimes it is refreshing to look at how other countries approach the challenge of measuring and managing performance in their governments. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a World Bank seminar where the Secretary of Performance Management for the Government of India described how his country is doing it. Background. In June 2009,Read… Read more »

India: The Next Big Data Haven

During the Green Revolution, American agricultural technology was exported to India to solve a food crisis. Fast-forward to today and India is now a powerful player in the technology sector, exporting its technology to the United States and other leading economies. One of these key technology exchanges between the United States and India is throughRead… Read more »

Global Challenges: Languages

The Dutch East India Company made its fortune with a number of different trades: notably the tulip mania in 1637 that allowed the Dutch East India Company to be valued in the trillions of dollars while operating in dozens and dozens in countries (all of this according to Wikipedia). They operated globally and generated massiveRead… Read more »

Commentary: How would we respond to another terrorist attack? How would America respond to another terrorist attack on its soil? We never thought very much about that before 9/11, back when the subject of terrorism only came up in discussions about other countries. The topic is still one we avoid, but it’s not too soon to consider it, because U.S. government officials haveRead… Read more »

New, Free Access to Indian Parliamentary Debates, on Indian Kanoon

Full text of debates of the Lok Sabha — the lower house of the Parliament of India — from 1998 to present, are now available free of charge on Indian Kanoon, Dr. Sushant Sinha‘s free access to law service for India. Lok Sabha debates on Indian Kanoon can be retrieved along with the texts ofRead… Read more »

Iyengar on Free Access to Law in India

Prashant Iyengar of Alternative Law Forum and the Center for Internet and Society, has posted the abstract of his 2010 report on free access to law in India, entitled Free Access to Law: Is It Here to Stay? India, Country Report (July 2010), on SSRN. Here is the abstract: Sometime in early 2008, Sushant Sinha,Read… Read more »

GovLoop India: I’ll Help You Make It Happen

Update: GovLoop India exists now. GovLoop has extended its influence to the UK, Canada, Israel, Australia and even Russia. However, there’s little on GovLoop about India — the world’s second most populous country. We should change that with a GovLoop India group. What’s going for it — it’s second most populous country and most populousRead… Read more »

Business Consultancy India – Dr. Shailesh Thaker

Multi-taskers are considered as the geniuses created by God of the 21st century. Have you ever wondered what is it that multi-taskers do that you can’t? The answer is nothing. Stanford University researchers have challenged a prevailing myth that multi-taskers are better at processing and organizing information. The people who multi-task the most are theRead… Read more »