GPO has a new site design!

On Monday, May 4, 2004 GPO launched the new site design that incorporates a more transparent look and feel, with added web 2.0 elements!

Government officials and customers alike agree that this site is simply amazing!

“This totally brings us forward with the technological advances we’ve made as an agency,” says one happy employee.

The new website boasts RSS feeds for major news articles, Sustainability information, video of the official President Obama photos, specialty publications we create and much more. Additionally, the Institute’s new page is cleaner, sleeker and easier to navigate.

Now, it’s easier than ever to register for training or just stay connected with us. See our new course offerings and download your FREE catalog today!

Chris Daniel
Director, The [email protected]

For a more comprehensive, targeted training experience, GPO Online is coming to customers Fall 2009!

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Denise Hill


Very nice web sites indeed. I was not aware that GPO offered courses. I just downloaded the catalogue. Thanks for sharing.