Great-grandpa stories, stuff and such for all ages

I posted the last update to my ‘grandpa’ — now ‘great-grandpa’– stories in
July, 2009. The first, an all-thumbs illustrated paper edition, was in 1987,
the second in 1992, also paper, unillustrated, followed by the Gutenberg
Archive Edition in 2000 at

and now the last, ‘Grandma!
Grandpa! You’re Too Far Away!’ a copy freely

downloadable at

The original 1987 edition got a fine review from ‘18.0pt””>BOOKLIST’, The Book Evaluation Journal of the American Library
Association in their November 15, 1987 issue: “Moldeven, a 70-year
old grandfather [now 93] turned author and publisher, sets a wonderful example
and shares many practical lessons on keeping in touch with grandchildren in
these times of mobile families. When it is impossible to see or talk to
grandchildren as often as one would like, Moldeven suggests writing them
stories. His book offers general tips on getting started along with 25 sample
stories. The author emphasizes simplicity and imagination in the creation of
plots and illustrations. For grandparents who lack confidence in their writing
or picture-making abilities, Moldeven suggests working with photographs or
magazine pictures and devising custom-made stories from classic fables or folk
tales. This encouraging, easy-to-read guide for grandparents (near and faraway)
can also be used as a resource for senior citizen¹s projects.”


Note: ‘My book is not a
child’s storybook, although most of the stories, vignettes and essays may
interest youth from toddlers to young adults and, from other perspectives,
parents, grandparents, older adults generally, and teachers. The book’s intent
is to demonstrate one grandparent’s approach over the years to foster
understanding between generations in the context of family, school, community
and culture, and to suggest models.’

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