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The Future of Libraries: DigitalNZ is Leading the Way

Change is scary When the internet started to hit critical mass in the late 1990s / early 2000s, there were dire stories about how libraries would go the way of dinosaurs, with the expectation that books would be deliberately destroyed like a Fahrenheit 451 dystopia or tossed in a landfill somewhere to moulder quietly. MoreRead… Read more »

The New And Improved Public Library

Libraries are magical places! Growing up, the local library was my favorite place to go. I loved the silence, the endless possibilities of good books, and the feeling of pure escape. But lately, libraries have transformed into so much more than just a book repository. Brian Burke, Managing Director at the Center for Technology inRead… Read more »

Thinking About Libraries, the Original Civic Platform

Libraries have always been dear to me. When I was growing up, the Carnegie-built library in my hometown was my sister’s and my favorite place to swing by during the summer — and not just for the books, mind you. They hosted wonderful youth engagement activities: volunteer opportunities, educational classes, and they even had a rental programRead… Read more »

Budget cuts and myriad services: The changing role of libraries

Library use is blooming in the US – but not necessarily because of books. As a tough economy makes jobs scarce and amenities like Internet too pricey for some, the resources libraries offer becomes a blessing. DorobekINSIDER’s Chris Dorobek spoke with Larry Eichel, Project Director of the Philadelphia Research Initiative at The Pew Charitable TrustsRead… Read more »

EBooks in Special Libraries: Final Report of the Federal Reserve System Libraries Work Group on EBooks

From the Government Info Pro: Thanks to Luke Mueller, Technical Librarian, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, for this informative guest post: EBooks in Special Libraries: Final Report of the Federal Reserve System Libraries Work Group on EBooks. Read on… Mission Luke Mueller (FRB Philadelphia) led the E-Book Aggregators and Publishers Subgroup, which included members JoyceRead… Read more »

Strategic Planning and the Value of Libraries

From the Government Info Pro: Thanks to Ellen Ensel, Director of Knowledge Management and Library Services, U. S. Institute of Peace, for the this article: Strategic Planning and the Value of Libraries. This article was originally published in the 2010 Best Practices for Government Librarians: The New Face of Value. Best Practices is a collaborativeRead… Read more »

Kindle Lending Programs in Libraries Update

Thanks to Montrese Hamilton, Librarian for the Society for Human Resource Management in Alexandria, Va., for sharing an update on the results from a series of listserv inquiries she made regarding Kindle lending programs in libraries. Read on… Recently, I wrote a summary of responses to my survey of three Special Libraries Association discussion listsRead… Read more »

Great-grandpa stories, stuff and such for all ages

I posted the last update to my ‘grandpa’ — now ‘great-grandpa’– stories in July, 2009. The first, an all-thumbs illustrated paper edition, was in 1987, the second in 1992, also paper, unillustrated, followed by the Gutenberg Archive Edition in 2000 at and now the last, ‘Grandma! Grandpa! You’re Too Far Away!’ a copy freelyRead… Read more »