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Greenies’ Guide to GovLoop Favorites

Like many people, I like to know what friends find interesting, especially when it leads new places. While Twitter and other sites are great for that, you can also browse the profiles of GovLoop friends to see what’s got their attention. Looking for posts with lots of comments (usually tagged “mostcomment”) is fine, but you’ll miss a lot. For various reasons, plenty of good posts on GovLoop generate little cross-talk. They may have posted during off hours, or had titles that didn’t catch people’s attention, or got read but not commented on.

So, in the spirit of (re)discovery, wanted to share a few GovLoop links that I like, in hopes of pointing newer folks to some great content and encouraging others to do the same. What follows is by no means exhaustive and some may go out of date after this posting. But, for what it’s worth, some good stuff – some popular and some less so – that can be found on the site.

Best Advice on Best Practices: Don’t share your best practices! Share ones that are good enough. Also check out the comments. I love Victoria Ward’s 6-point summary on communicating best practices, which is on the first page of comments toward the bottom.

Best Web 2.0 Conference Discussion: Jamie Maynard’s “Mixed feelings about OGI Conference” post.

Useful Options For Searching…Other Than Google: How do you search? Has a good member discussion to boot.

Thoughtful Blog on “Followership:” Being a good follower Was new to me and a good read.

Best Time-Suck: Favorite GovLooper’s quotes…some famous, others not so well known. My 6-year-old’s favorite was even there: “There is no charge for awesomeness” –Kung Fu Panda

Cool Info About Twitter: There are so many good ones…here are just a couple:
Does half a twitter presence make you a twit? and Mega list of Twitter applications. I also cover some favorites for getting started on Twitter in this previous Greenies post.

Really Passionate Discussion: Why Is it I keep hearing “Government can’t be run like a Business”?

Inspirational videos: Guy starts dance party and Playing for Change: Stand By Me. Both videos develop slowly, so give them 90 seconds to hook you. Credit to Lauren Modeen and Cindy Lou Baker (respectively) for pointing them out.

Again, this is just a small sampling. There are also some wonderful discussions re: the tech side of Web 2.0 software, specifications and their application and lots of good stuff posted in the various GovLoop Groups that most won’t see unless they browse those groups. Finally, if you haven’t seen the Best of GovLoop, definitely check it out. As I write this, am thinking it would be great to have a “favorites” tab on GovLoop personal pages, so members could link to their favorite posts and friends could also check them out. So, what’s on your faves list? Am betting others want to know!

p.s. New to GovLoop or this blog? Backstory on why I started it here. The “greenies” blog will be a regular feature on the Go! GovLoop for New Members group. Would also like to open it up to guest bloggers. So if you have a good idea and want to write an upcoming greenies blog, just let me know.

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So what does it say about me that the quote on steveressler.com is “There is no charge for awesomeness.” Guess I get along with your 6-year old.

Lots of great links. Loving Greenhorn’s blogs…a great guide. Make sure to check them all out.

Joshua joseph

My brother likes to say “Great minds think alike…and so do ours.” But when it comes to the quote, think you’re both in good company! Thanks, JJ.

Murray Dale Watts

We should all strive for “awesomeness!” The pay may be the same but the satisfaction and increased self-worth we feel will be worth the extra effort. As for identifiying with kids, we could do worse. My grandsons, ages 4, 3 and 2, do everything full bore, all their focus, energy and ability is put into each endeavor, building a train track for Thomas or raiding the cookie jar. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!