Hair Wars: Elvis, Uncle Jessie and Charney

Hair isn’t usually exciting to me, but this is an exception. Elvis vs Uncle Jessie vs Charney.

I want to build on Candace’s earlier hair-off poll between Uncle Jessie vs Charney. Let’s do a quick analysis of hairspiration, starting with the King.

Ol’ Swivel Hips. The King. Elvis. Honestly, I wish I knew what inspired his hair. It’s awesome, like a Greek god or something. Simply perfect…

The King’s hair was so great that Uncle Jessie’s hair was inspired by Elvis. However, Uncle Jessie added another dimeson…the amazing mullet. Party out back people; party out back.

And then we come to the next hairvolution — GovLoop’s own Nick Charney. I haven’t asked him, but this hair looks like class Elvis do with a modern twist. Or maybe it’s a Canadian thing…either way, our Canadian Elvis certainly has style.

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Nicholas Charney

Way more Elvis than Jesse going on here. Partially also the hockey hair thing, still wildly puller in Canada.

Was actually thinking about shedding the locks for charity if there was enough interest.