Rule #1 – Success – It’s Everything You Think It is

Success in life depends on 2 things . . . What you THINK you can do and the amount of EFFORT you’re willing to put forth to accomplish it. Everything you do is created twice; the first is in your thoughts. Before it can be created it MUST be dreamed. They are YOUR dreams so you might as well DREAM BIG. There is a book/movie out there titled “The Secret”, you may have heard of it, or even watched it. I liked it. It’s one of those inspirational, feel good, self help pieces of work. The “Secret”, according to the writer, and the “gurus” who are featured is, “The Law of Attraction”. This too I believe. We do attract what we think about. But here is the REAL secret – you have to get off your butt and do something about it.

It’s like a garden. You can plant the seed, but if that’s all you do and don’t water and feed the seed, you will end up with a garden overrun with weeds and other things you don’t need – or want. On the other hand if you till the soil, prepare the earth, add some fertilizer, water it, discard any unwanted weeds and maintain the garden, it will blossom into a beautiful flowers, vegetables, etc. The same for our dreams. You have to plant the seed (your dream, thoughts, etc). But then here comes the LDI “Secret”. Get back out there and do something about it. Get your hands dirty, feed the dream with action. Find the weeds that are choking you and pull them out, eradicate them. Don’t let them over run your garden or ruin your dreams. Leverage your dreams and look for opportunities to improve your success, something like adding fertilizer to help it grow. (For my funny readers, no I am NOT referring to straight up manure) 🙂


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Jenny Leblanc

Hello Anthony,

How would you accomplish this? —> “Find the weeds that are choking you and pull them out, eradicate them.”


Anthony Tormey

Jenny, excellent question and thank you for the opportunity to address it. There are 2 types of weeds that have an impact on our success. The first are the intrinsic weeds, the weeds that we allow to grow inside us, negative self talk, impure thoughts or thoughts in general that are counterproductive to our well being. The second are the external weeds. These are the negative people who may be in your life that drag you down and negatively influence you. These are the people that exhaust you when around them, or ar just plain mean. Finding either of them is not difficult, chances are you already know where the weeds are. If you are not sure take time to be introspective and reflect on your own thoughts and behavior, then take steps to make different choices. The external weeds are the people you need to seperate yourself from, or if you are unable to seperate yourself from them then minimize your association with them. Don’t try to change them – you can’t, only they can make personal changes, just as only you can make changes in your thoughts and behavior. Good Luck.