Has anyone ever done a wkly/monthly IT tips to Organization staff?

In an effort to reduce the nbr of ID10T Help Desk tkts we recv, thought about sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter to all our County Staff of tips, how to avoid common prob.s, standard practices we wish they’d employ, etc.
Has anyone ever done this? Know of anywhere I might look to view an example? Appreciate your replies.

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Tim Constantine

I’ve done it just as a quick e-mail. Used to do it weekly, but haven’t for a while… Probably something I need to get back to.

My e-mails were typically a paragraph or 2 and I put the punch line (the main point or the action I wanted the user to take) first.

We also have a wiki that we use for knowledge management (we call it KiM), and I put the tips in there as well.

Nina Dunleavy

Thanks for your comments. An inside Wiki is a great idea. A lot of our County staff are much older and probably don’t know what a wiki is. Not too many years ago it took a lot of effort & convincing to get them to give up their typewriters! So that’s one of the audiences we need to address as well as the younger, more skilled staff that join the County, just need to know what “our” rules are, and common practices we expect to be followed. Thanks again!