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Last week, Steve Ressler told you about an upcoming initiative to let the public shape the future of Building a portal where the public can monitor the dispersal of stimulus funds and progress of the economic recovery, transparently and in real time, is no easy feat. So, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, in partnership with the National Academy of Public Administration, is reaching out for innovative ideas and approaches to this problem by hosting an national online dialogue.

This week, the project, dubbed the Recovery Dialogue on IT Solutions, went live, and we’re proud to report that the response has been overwhelming! In only two days, over 220 unique ideas have been submitted, and have been voted and commented on over 1,000 times!

We know that the GovLoop community—now 10,000 members strong (congrats, Steve!)—represents an absolutely critical voice in this discussion. You live at the intersection of government, transparency, technology, and innovation. You have a finely honed sense of what will and won’t work, not just for government, but for those in the public who rely on government for timely and accurate information about our economic recovery.

So, we’re asking for your help. This Dialogue will be open until midnight on May 3rd. Because so many great ideas have already been submitted, we’re especially asking you to set aside some time to tag and rate those ideas so that the best rise to the top, where they can directly influence the direction that the Recovery Board takes in standing up

Members of the Recovery Board are also participating in the discussion as “Dialogue Catalysts,” so by participating, you’ll get to see them react in real time as new and innovative approaches are raised in the discussion.

Thanks, and we hope to see you online!

Dan Munz
The Recovery Dialogue Team
Twitter: natldialogue

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