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Good Politics: Hosting “Political Parties” to Boost Civic Engagement

After a year of hosting informal events to introduce their friends and colleagues directly to other friends who were running for office, Austinites Nathan Ryan and Liz Coufal looked at the growing crowds and realized they had tapped into something bigger than themselves.

Why Should Governments Continue to Control Voting Systems and Processes?

Having centralised systems for voting is the standard approach for countries around the world. In most places it is simply accepted that the government funds the system for election and referendum voting – funding the polling places, ballot boxes, officials and vote counting systems, whether this be directly or at arms length via a bodyRead… Read more »

Is voting an act of revenge?

On Friday President Obama told his supporters “Voting is the best revenge”. I participated in my first campaign by wearing buttons to the 6th grade in 1968, voted for the first time in 1976, volunteered or worked as paid staff in more than a dozen congressional, senate or presidential campaigns, paid close attention to allRead… Read more »

Watch Out, I’m trying to “Walk and Talk” Here!

At a recent writing workshop I attended, the speaker suggested one strategy to find your niche for writing: pick three things you’re passionate about, and imagine yourself in the space where those three things intersect. While I have imagined myself in the middle of many a three set Venn diagram, few sound more appealing thanRead… Read more »

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law is a Republican Disgrace

And State Republicans Know It. In the 1960s, thousands of activists swarmed throughout the southern states to register poor and minority voters, butting heads with state and local authorities in the process. Many of those courageous people were beaten and jailed for their efforts; some of them were murdered, because they believed in America’s mostRead… Read more »

Voting is a Sacred Trust, Coveted By Billions Who Cannot

Politics are terrible… Voting doesn’t matter… It’s only the primary… I’m too busy… These are commonly heard sentiments of people who don’t vote. Unfortunately, those who choose not to vote are putting their rights, business, property, community and even freedom at risk! Politics can be terrible. But to quote Winston Churchill, who led England toRead… Read more »

Incivility in presidential politics: tearing down instead of building up

If you were thirsty and your choices were a glass of milk that had been sitting in sun-baked 95-degree temperature for six hours and a glass of milk that had been sitting in it for four days, which would you chose? Some choice, right? That’s how I am seeing the 2012 presidential campaign shaping upRead… Read more »

Republicans Want to Steal Your Vote

Lyndon Johnson said voting is: “. . . the basic right without which all others are meaningless.” He signed the Voting Rights Act as president in 1965. Today, the Republican Party and other Koch brothers stooges want to strip you of your right to vote. Read More