HHS Webcast on Mental health – catching up with citizens

Here are some excerpts to see what people, citizens, have been writing about the government.

This Wednesday Feb 18th the US Department of Health and Human services is having its 10th pandemic webcast. Ok, I know people are more likely to get hit with a snow storm, tornado, hurricane, earth quake or power outage before for a pandemic. The preparations are much the same. Being prepared for a pandemic helps one to be prepared for other disasters.

To this end HHS has involved the public. Past HHS secretary Mike Leavitt even wrote a blog about non pandemic issues. It all worked fairly well. Average citizens played nice with each other and with their federal hosts.

HHS is continuing this with their 10th webcast and people are still involved. Oddly there is very little state or local government talk on or interaction on blogs – even though states and local governments are the brains of preparation and recovery. Local governments are the eyes and ears for state and federal agencies at first. They have a big part to play in preparation. “Those that are prepared suffer far less than those who are not”

If local governments are the brains, citizens are the backbone. Looking at Katrina and the Northridge earthquake and other disasters it is easy to see people and places of faith are first responders along with Red Cross and local governments. Before FEMA and state agencies arrive, the man and woman on the street are the first to either take action or to help. They are also the ones that do most of the donating.

Here state and local governments should not only be ready during a pandemic but help educate others so they are ready during a pandemic. To get the word out before a pandemic is important. People will or will not listen but at least they have been told. Local governments have tested their plans.

To learn more and have your say beforehand are the HHS webcasts. Here governments can catch up or even get ahead of citizens.

People are following and blogging about the webcasts at: http://www.newfluwiki2.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=3015#113621

Regular blogs at
Crofs Blogs – good international flavor: http://crofsblogs.typepad.com/h5n1/
Pandemic Flu Wiki – 10-20 news reports each day: http://www.newfluwiki2.com
Prepared Citizen – real life advice and spiritual word : http://preparedcitizens.wordpress.com/2008/02/19/fla_medic-the-challenge-of-pandemic-home-care/
Get Pandemic Ready by Ready Mom – what every home needs. :

There is even a BirdFlu.gov on Twitter, along with Red Cross, HHS, etc.

This appears to be a great oppertunity to interact and work across all levels from citizen to federal government. There is more knowledge in the masses than in the individual. Happy prepping and great reading to all

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