How can federal agencies move forward in a Postdigital Era with the Tech Trends 2013?

Many of us may know that some of the federal agencies and its leaders are facing challenges in today’s economy. Innovation has been identified to be a key change agent when facing these obstacles. Can these agencies embrace innovative technology to better meet their missions? The answer is YES, we currently see many federal leaders using social media and researching new technologies to create interaction between its consumers.

I recently read an annual report (Tech Trends 2013 – Elements of Postdigital) that puts technology trends to practical business use. The report, created by Deloitte Consulting LLP (Twitter: @DeloitteOnTech) is titled “Elements of Postdigital” such that it examines the convergence and controlled collision of five forces – Analytics, Mobile, Social, Cloud and Cyber – as businesses move closer to achieving the possibilities of the Postdigital Enterprise, where all five forces are mature, implemented, integrated and baked-in versus bolted-on.

I have found the tech trends discussed in this report to be extremely interesting. Each trend mentioned in the report is actionable and measurable to bring value to an organization. For instance gamification can instill challenge, pay-off and new perspective into day-to-day tasks, tapping into the same human instincts that have led to competition and engagement. The report details how one can tackle obstacles or roadblocks that an agency may be facing.

Overall, the report covers ten different technology trends that are anticipated to be impactful this year from IPv6 and how to prepare for a looming, but uncertain deadline to Finding the Face of Your Data and how basic analytics and visualization can help you get started.

How can a forward-thinking federal organization consider using and applying one or more of these trends?

Which trend do you feel will have the most impact within your organization?


Deloitte’s full report can be found here

Mark White Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Chief Technology Officer presented his Tech Trends 2013 report to the Federal community on April 24th 2013. The event was held at Deloitte’s Rosslyn building from 8:30am – 12pm.

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