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Gaming For Clarity Recognizes Intelligence Biases

A recent press report quoted unnamed US intelligence sources saying Russia had no intention of invading the Ukraine. The appraisal became the subject of considerable debate when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his nation’s military into Ukraine’s Crimea region. Follow-on media reports said strategic assessments had been made by US intelligence and defense authorities thatRead… Read more »

How can federal agencies move forward in a Postdigital Era with the Tech Trends 2013?

Many of us may know that some of the federal agencies and its leaders are facing challenges in today’s economy. Innovation has been identified to be a key change agent when facing these obstacles. Can these agencies embrace innovative technology to better meet their missions? The answer is YES, we currently see many federal leadersRead… Read more »

Optimal performance, gamification and government

The point of this post:By incorporating some of the characteristics of successful games into our work, we can improve our performance. I’ve been reading a book called Flow: the psychology of optimal experience recently. Reading the book, I was reminded of “gamification”, a concept that you wouldn’t think would have much to do with theRead… Read more »

Wall Street Journal Reports on San Francisco Gamification Summit – Gamification is Becoming Big Business!

“Gamification is serious business,” according to the Wall Street Journal and their coverage of the Gamification Summit that happened in San Francisco this week – attracting well over 600 individuals from… For the whole story see:

Weekly Round-up: January 27, 2012

Updated to include Dan Chenok’s contributions. Gadi Ben-Yehuda The Metaphor Edition! Is Identifying-information Radioactive? Cory Doctorow makes the case that it is in the Guardian article, “Personal data is as hot as nuclear waste.” Great sub-head: “We should treat personal electronic data with the same care and respect as weapons-grade plutonium – it is dangerous,Read… Read more »

When will we see gamification in government?

Gamification refers to the practice of making non-game activities more like games by incorporating achievement-based reward systems. Under gamification, using government examples, when your project or mission is complete you might receive a ‘completion badge’ (such as a letter from the Secretary, an Australia Day Award, or a medal). Or when you attain a higherRead… Read more »

Breast Cancer Care

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of my first iTunes collaboration app: Breast Cancer Care. This iPhone App Provides a FUN WAY to Learn About & ReduceDietary and Behavioral Risk Factors that May Contribute to Breast Cancer. Locate Cancer Care Clinics and Registered Dietitians in your area.Look at mortality and prevalence rates ofRead… Read more »