How Can We “Bridge the Gap”?

With all of the recent emphasis on the Federal salary freeze, this recent news item seems to have slipped under the radar:

Census: Income gap between rich and poor got wider in 2009

The salary freeze is really just a band-aid solution, and doesn’t get at the core of the problem in the US.

So what can we do to “Bridge the Gap”?

Here are a few ideas, add your own below:

1. Revamp patent laws. Refocus efforts on patenting and licensing the best gov’t (and non-gov’t) innovations to reinvigorate the economy and reward “thinking outside of the box”.

2. Modernize estate and family laws. Incentivize “Shared Family Trusts” with multiple Trustees from multiple generations. Loosen laws that allow families to appoint independent guardians to better manage estate assets. Incentivize foster parenting.

3. Incentivize philanthropic donations.

4. Incentivize civic involvement.

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