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Fed Pay Freeze Thaws But Challenges Remain in Fight for Fairness

Here’s some good news for the federal family to start the New Year: at long last, the 3-year pay freeze has started to thaw! For the first time in over 36 months – or more than 1,000 days — hard-working and loyal federal employees will receive a scant 1% pay raise in Fiscal Year 2014.Read… Read more »

Shutdown Showdown: 5 Priorities to Restore Fairness for Feds

For years now, the beleaguered federal workforce has paid too high a price for the political ineptitude of Congress. Hard working and loyal public servants should never be used as political pawns in an ideological chess match. Feds are not sacrificial lambs that lawmakers can conveniently use to cover up their own conspicuous failure toRead… Read more »

So, What Does This Mean For Feds? The Fiscal Cliff Deal

So, what does all this mean for feds? First, the fiscal cliff agreement doesn’t address the pay freeze for federal workers in any way. The bill that would extend the pay freeze for feds is a separate piece of legislation, which passed in the House with a sizeable majority, 287-129, but has not been broughtRead… Read more »

Federal Salary: It’s About Principles, Not Pay

In case you missed it, the latest study from the official Federal Salary Council (FSC) asserts that white-collar federal employees (“feds”) are paid a whopping 35% less than their private sector equivalents. Are federal executives really being short changed by more than one-third of their salary versus private sector peers? Feds don’t work in governmentRead… Read more »

Tired of Sneak Attacks?

Buried in the Senate Highway Bill (Amendment #1826 to S.1813) is a sneak attempt to extend the Pay Freeze imposed on Federal employees for yet another year! Surprised? According to it’s author, Senator Pat Roberts, “This amendment includes a special deficit reduction trust fund … <that> would contain the savings from the energy production incentives,Read… Read more »

BURNING QUESTION #1: Will Federal Pay Again be Frozen in 2012?

As the 2011 calendar year winds down, faint recollections of last year’s pay freeze dance in the minds of many Federal employees. Will it happen again this year? As the old 8-Ball says, “The answer points to ‘Yes’.” The Administration already proposed a 2-year pay freeze on Federal civlian salaries arguing that this was measureRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Federal Workers Will Likely Feel the Squeeze Under New Debt Deal

The White House and Congress appear to be on the verge of closing a new agreement to fix the debt ceiling, a deal that features massive cuts and no new revenue. What does this mean for federal workers? While the deal does not include explicit cuts for federal workers, that doesn’t mean they won’t feelRead… Read more »

It’s the STIGMA that hurts!

I have thoughts regarding the proposed pay freeze- yes another post about this subject! First and foremost there’s this constant overhanging battle that an employee of the government has: trying to prove oneself that they are WORTH every dime they are paid and are putting all their effort into the good of the country. SecondlyRead… Read more »