How does a successful leader drive innovation?

This article offers unconventional tips to jumpstart business innovation. Using real examples from companies like Union Pacific, the article reinforces that the most effective leaders know when to think outside the box.


Personally speaking, last week my consulting firm, Boxer Advisors, completed two projects that helped clients find original strategies to A: address transformational leadership needs, and B: more effectively sell and market their services. We’re always looking for new ways to add value to our clients and partners, so out of these projects an organic idea emerged.

A Transformational Leadership Institute would be a small group of 12 to 20 C-level executives looking for resources to enhance their leadership skills, drive innovation, and address their critical organizational objectives. Through regular meetings, in-depth discussions, and professional coaching by an experienced organizational development and leadership consultant, the participants would learn to transform insights into action.

I’d love your feedback on this group–what do you think are the keys to transformational leadership, particularly in encouraging innovation? What would you want to learn in a group like the leadership institute? What could a group like this offer that a list/article (no matter how well-researched, like the linked piece) cannot?

Ken Boxer
Boxer Advisors

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