How Governments Can Expand their Web Strategy with Video & Mobile Reach

Hear how the City of Alexandria is leveraging Granicus technology to take their web strategy to the next level through online video.

Justin Thompson, the Communications Content Manager for the City of Alexandria, which was recently recognized for having one of the Top 10 “Digital City” government websites by eRepublic, wrote a great blog post for us this month.

He gives essential tips and strategies for engaging residents through compelling content. Learn how the city has used video to:

  • Maximize citizen engagement – they have attracted a wider audience through their webcast portal and everything is automated so it doesn’t take away from staff time.
  • Reach a mobile audience – Alexandria has optimized their webcasting portal to be “mobile-friendly,” see how they did it and actually assess the code they used to achieve it.
  • Highlight city services – Video is a high impact way to engage the community in government initiatives and events.
  • Maximize exposure of city programs – By linking their content to social networks, Alexandria has attracted quite a following! They have over 9,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter combined.

Read Justin’s blog post

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