How is best to communicate with residents through snowy conditions?

Hello from across the pond,

It’s now December and icy roads, closed schools and uncollected bins tend to dominate local government over the coming months. Residents rush to council websites seeking to report problems and find information. Increasingly, there is an expectation for this data to be real time.

So what should councils be doing? I would really appreciate some US-input into this flash survey we are running.

Take part in LGiU’s 2-minute ‘communicating through the winter months’ survey

Once you have completed the survey you will be able to see the results of all participants so far.

In LGiU’s recent report Going where the eyeballs are, a popular section was on the necessarily chaotic nature of communications during special and/or specific events.

Featured was a case study on the BwD Winter Facebook page – a dedicated space to keep residents informed about the effects the cold weather was having on local services. The council estimates this to have prevented 8,000 phone calls and saved £10,000. LGiU outlined a recommended system – see p27. But what do you think?

Follow this link to take part in the survey

We will leave the survey up over the weekend and produce a write-up of the results.

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Carol Davison

I believe that you should make announcements the radio. I can hear them when I am in the cooking breakfast, feeding the dog, in the bathroom, etc. Additionally, not everyone has a computer. So “Going where the eyeballs are” isn’t going to reach all of your constituents. Additionally if the government is closed because of an emercengy, it believe it may be in it’s best interest to text that info to its employees so they don’t have to call.