How Successful are Your Gov 2.0 Initiative(s)?

There are certainly more and more Government Agencies jumping on the band wagon to follow President Obama’s directive for them to become more collaborative, open, transparent and participatory. But the real question is – what measures are being taken to evaluate the success or failure of all these efforts?

I’m writing an article for eContent Magazine to help identify what’s being done to establish evaluation criteria, conduct evaluations & measure success whether at project inception, during or after implementation. Please share your lessons learned, methods and techniques applied, new process improvements, success & even failures that led you to change the way you’re doing business to become more open, collaborative, transparent & participatory.

Is your Government Agency (and others you know of) analyzing, evaluating & measuring success and collecting feedback for Gov 2.0 initiatives? Have you considered developing evaluation criteria as the project develops rather than at the end? I’d appreciate any success stories, metrics, reports, links to information you may already have posted on any studies, surveys, feedback, usability studies, etc.

It would be helpful if you’d share what tools, efforts, processes have been put in place to ensure internal and external stakeholders, customers, constituents, etc. are finding these new open, transparent & collaborative initiatives meet their needs to quickly access relevant information, improve their knowledge, feel that they are being heard & responded to, better served in their communities, empowered to make change, engage with your Agency, etc.

Much Appreciated,

Helen Mitchell, Principal

Enterprising Solutions

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