How To Create A GSA Schedule Sales Query

If you haven’t learned by reading my posts I am very adamant on performing your research before you get into handling a GSA contract. Although you can use sales queries after obtaining a GSA contract it would be best to create a query before. This is another way of making a determination if a GSA contract would be in your best interest. After you have obtained your contract one of the requirements are to report your sales on a quarterly basis, these reports are referred to as 72A reports. You are also required to report even if you have had no sales for that quarter. The dates to report are January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of every year during the tenure of your contract. The reporting of your quarterly sales is a way for GSA to make a determination of your .75% Industrial Funding Fee; all contractors’ sales are kept up-to-date. Take a look at how you can perform research on GSA’s Sales Queries:

  • You can find the sales query website at
  • Once you register you will be prompted to another screen that list at least 12 report formats, you may search by SIN, schedule, contractor and so on, make a selection and proceed.
  • As you have made a decision on what type of report that your interested in and selected the required fields you will be prompted to create a report.

Compiling a sales query is a three step process that involves no difficulty, but you need to create reports regularly to keep up with the progress of sales in your commodity within your business and other contractors’ businesses as well. You should consider each report as a portion of a road map for your business development, if used correctly there is great benefit.

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