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How to Love Your Government Career

At the Next Generation Training Conference, Bernetta Reese, Web and Digital Communications Manager at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), spoke about how to love your government career.

People always say find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. However, who chooses the perfect job when it comes to your career satisfaction? Everyone has something important to them, whether it is a good supervisor or a great salary and benefits. One thing we all do share is a common goal to be happy in our careers. Ms. Reese has grown from intern to manager in the government and has discovered three key tips that she believes have led her both to success and to love her career.

1. Learn to be flexible. She focuses on areas that brings out the best in her skills, but is also open to working on different tasks. She likes to keep her resume fresh and enjoys new experiences. You really need to be open to new opportunities that can enhance and further your career.

2. Create a balance. You need to create a balance between work and everything outside of work. Your job cannot be the only thing that occurs in your day. To love your career, you need to invest in the life around you and find activities that motivate you. Ms. Reese volunteers in all different areas, whether it is for a nonprofit organization or a campaign. This adds balance and value to her life and enables her to enjoy her career more.

3. Be strategic. You need to write down your career goals and develop a career plan. No matter what circumstances you face, remember to stay focused and determine the steps that you need to take. Make everyday count and every relationship work. If something does not go your way, think about how you can make it better.

Finally, Ms. Reese offers two additional pieces of advise to enhance your work experiences. She likes to keep a candy jar at her desk because everyone always smiles when they visit her. She discovers that if you cannot find a reason to smile at work, why be there? Finally, it is important to not just think about your job, but to think about how yourself, your value, and your confidence.

So, how do you love your career? Be flexible, create a balance, be strategic, make others smile, and discover your value.

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Marian Henderson

I keep a dish of sugar-free candies, mints and throat lozenges on my desk. It never crossed my mind that it makes people smile!