How to manage Internet Security software in your PC

Responsibility to manage Internet Security begins with an individual. The risks are always there and the following are a few practical steps, which you as a responsible individual can take to improve the security of your network.

Refrain using shared/public systems: Do not use public computers for carrying out transactions such as investment transactions or online banking. Since public networks are not password protected and, therefore unsafe, will allow hackers to ascertain your private information.

Do not share account details: Even if a person is very close to you, do not share your passwords. There are many chances that your private data could be inadvertently passed on to others and may lead to your account being hijacked leaving unexpected charges on your bills.

Take caution when giving information online: Always be extra cautious while giving your credit/debit card information, house address, and phone number online. Do not give your social security number (SSN) to anyone unless required by authority.

Keep email private: Email is always private but not entirely. Do not put any information into an electronic message (e-message) that you would not wish to see on a friend’s or neighbor’s bulletin board.

Be careful when opening email attachements: You can just delete junk mails without even reading them. Do not download email attachments from a suspicious or unknown source. Such files could contain malware and opening them would infect your system weakening your system’s security . Unless you are 100 percent sure that the email attachment is from a trusted source, do not download. If you have suspicion, then check with the concerned person before downloading it.

Avoid email transactions: Do not transact any financial information through emails are they are not always secure. Do not unsubscribe unsolicited emails or sign up for free coupons/offers.

Deal online retailers carefully: Before you make a purchase, confirm the physical address and the phone number of the online retailer in case you face issues with the purchase. Always pay using credit/debit card instead of paying via cash on delivery (COD).

Cyber threats have grown exponentially. As technology improves, hackers are discovering sophisticated methods to infiltrate computers. Therefore, remember, Internet Security should be on the agenda; do not let become the agenda.

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