How to Win Friends and Influence Bloggers

If bloggers aren’t part of your marketing efforts, you might as well be designing your brochures on a typewriter. No longer pajama-clad hobbyists, bloggers today are card-carrying members of the media, whom you ignore at your peril (bad press) or worse (no press).

Yet bloggers are neither straight reporters nor pure pundits. They can be your loyal customer or your loudest critic, your champion or your competitor. They speak their own vernacular, observe their own standards, pursue their own goals, and loathe press releases. To reach these influencers, you need to understand their universe.

Last week, I detailed this universe in a presentation to the DC chapter of the American Marketing Association. My title plays off Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, since the essence of my advice derives from Carnegie’s timeless guidelines.

Here’s the deck:

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