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How E-mail Signatures Can Brand and Promote Your Organization

One of the most overlooked opportunities for online marketing also happens to be one of the most ubiquitous: the e-mail “signature” One of the first things new employees do is create a “signature block” for their e-mails. These half a dozen lines or so, consisting of your contact info, plop themselves at the bottom ofRead… Read more »

TSA Supervisor to Staffer: Speak English

Last month, President Obama signed into law a bill that tells Uncle Sam to speak and write plainly. The bill echoed Obama’s executive order in May instructing agencies to write job announcements in clear language. Unfortunately, one smart-ass TSAer at BWI airport didn’t get the memos. Happily, her supervisor did. The New York Times reports:Read… Read more »

Show Me the Numbers

It took a recession, but resumes finally are receiving renewed scrutiny. The ability to embellish and obscure shrinks when one out of every six workers is under or unemployed. More than ever, recruiters want to see accomplishments, not responsibilities; numbers, not adverbs. Certain professions have it easier than others. If you’re a lobbyist, you citeRead… Read more »

Should Your Organization Start a Blog?

Everyone these days wants a blog. Blogs are known to be the most frequently updated—and thus most visited—facet of Web sites, and often form the crux of an organization’s online impact. Few, however, realize just how time-consuming and difficult blogging is. Indeed, running a blogging consists not only in penning posts, but also in corrallingRead… Read more »

Want to Appreciate Twitter? Live Tweet a Social Media Conference

By now, it’s a cliché that Twitter has real-world value. Yet if you really want to appreciate both the usefulness and hipness of microblogging, try participating in a social media conference where live Tweeting is not only encouraged, the Tweets also are displayed on JumboTrons flanking the on-stage speaker. Such was the case earlier thisRead… Read more »