How You Lead – From A Pragmatic Perspective

I want to share with you some recent leadership articles on my website. The content is practical and usable.

Leading Towards Your Vision

The importance of having a vision towards which you are leading your employees and how to define vision. What do you want your organization to look like? What is the culture? What is the work atmosphere? How do you want to be inspired? How do you want to inspire your employees and customers? Go to

Leading – Create An Organizational Framework That Supports Your Leadership

Actions you can take so that you have the organizational foundation and time to be a leader and not spend too much time directly managing employees. Go to

Leadership Versus The Temptation To Fix Problems

A caution that many CEO’s are tempted (they like the satisfaction it brings) to fix problems that should be fixed by subordinates and in the process neglect their leadership responsibilities. Also, “managing by walking around” is not necessarily the best management practice. Go to

View Your Organization As A System – It Will Help You To Lead More Effectively

As a leader you need an overall perspective on your organization; this becomes more difficult for larger organizations. A systems framework helps you to “view” operations that you do not see in person. Go to

Leadership And Management Books

Some books on this topic that I like. Go to

For information and tools to improve your organization’s performance go to

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